Our Factory

The Caseificio Presila production complex is designed in compliance with the most recent European regulations to protect product hygiene and protect the environment. This is so that a healthy product with a genuine flavour can arrive on the consumer’s table.

The building is divided into two departments, in which the production processes and the packaging of the product obtained take place.

The packaging method varies according to the type of product (eg vacuum, containers, trays, atm, etc.).

The production cycle adopted by Caseificio Presila aims to preserve freshness and genuineness by having every phase under control: from the analysis of the milk collected daily, to the delicate processing process, to the cutting and packaging of the finished product. It is based on a linear flow process on broken lines, which allows us to manage sequential work phases.

To this production and artisan process is added a scrupulous care of the raw materials, so that not even a drop of milk is wasted in the production phase. This allows us to be 100% environmentally sustainable and to produce genuine, certified products that are in step with the market demand.

Processing is carried out with the utmost respect for hygiene and health regulations and community regulations, with particular attention to the protection of consumer health.